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Do Muslims and Christians Worship the same God?

What a loaded and unnecessary question this one has become. But it is one our generation must tackle again, as many before us have. Bluntly put the answer to this question is like so many “yes but [then insert your

N.T. Wright and Peter Rodgers on Paul’s Creational Theology for our Wolrd

I recently had the privilege and opportunity to help run an event where Bishop and Professor N.T. Wright headlined. It was an honor to do all the little things I did for the event, meet Professor Wright, and serve my

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Nature and Grace

There was this theological fight between Karl Barth and Emil Brunner back in the 1930’s about Natural theology (thinking about God from reason) and Grace (God’s unmerited favor for his creation). In a nut shell the question around nature and

R.A. Torrey Quote to Go with My Shalom Piece From Last Week

Twitter account: @RATorrey wrote: In Paul’s epistles, “grace” always precedes “peace.” The reason is because grace is the foundation of peace.

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Dallas Willard Quote

“See, that’s the basis of Life: to find the motivation for human action in knowledge.” Dallas Willard

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