Do Muslims and Christians Worship the same God?

What a loaded and unnecessary question this one has become. But it is one our generation must tackle again, as many before us have.

Bluntly put the answer to this question is like so many “yes but [then insert your tradition’s qualifiers here].”

Now hold on before you call me a heretic hear me out. Give me at least 400 words for goodness sake. I’m assuming you’re Christian (since all my posts are from a Christian evangelical standpoint) so please take this point to mind, if not heart. Do you worship the same God as me? That is, I worship God in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Are we on the same page about my view of God given that info? If so, how is that heretical? (From an evangelical orthodox Christian perspective.) And you know what a Muslim would say about my fleshed out view of God? I’m wrong for believing so. 

But the question is a simple one that comes down to a word that in another language is spelled “Allah,” and in an another one “אלוהים” sometimes meant the same thing as our English word “God.” So what’s the real problem? I hope it’s not your fears of others?

Think about it, we’re floating on a spec of dust and if you really look out from that spec of dust you can see about 10 BILLION light years. 10 BILLION YEARS OF OBSERVABLE SPACE! Are you so small minded that you can’t give your Muslim neighbor a little charity? A little space to share a freaking word?! Maybe, just maybe, the same word can be said in a different language???!

Anyways, do we believe the same details about the implications of that word? No. But I think current Islamic phobia is making Christians think they have to believe things Christians have never believed before (in a mainstream sense), like Christians and Muslims don’t worship the same God. Christians and Muslims, for Milenia have been arguing about details but have been big enough to give each other credit that at least we’re on the same planet for the same pursuit. Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? It is the details beyond the “yes but” that question requires that need to be talked about because a “no” shuts out Christ from having a say.

I leave you with two quotes. One is from memory so forgive me if I butcher it and the other is a famous one.

For the intellectual, “their neighbor is anyone who is in need of the truth.” -Sertillanges

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” -William Shakespeare

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