Hebrews 4 and the object of the Gospel

I’ve been thinking about the Exodus and what it means for Christians this quarter of my studies. And I haven’t landed on any conclusions just yet, but I did stumble upon an interesting bit of bible that got me thinking about the “gospel” in relation to the exodus. Basically, I was reading Hebrews and about chapter 4 I was reminded that Augustine taught that the good news is always paired with the bad; and, for Barth the sum of the gospel is election. But in between their mighty theological voices I felt Jesus tugging. For Jesus, he says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

You see, one can can fear sin, aim to be a person of God, or even have all the answers, but none of those things matter if you don’t have Jesus. For example, what good is capitalism and money if your life is dependent on those systems (any system for that matter!)? Maybe you’re addicted to adventure? Or a person (other than Christ)? Or church? What good is being involved in church day in and day out if our lives are dependent on the systems that make our churches effective? Jesus is surprisingly different than our best defaults.
Money is beautiful and church is necessary but let’s be real: they ain’t going to give you that way, truth, and life Jesus was talking about. The object of our faith is not being free from sin, or having godly friends. Those are things that can easily be systematized and explained. But God! You can’t put God in a box.

99% of Christianity is remembering our first love. When you have him THE rest will fall into place. I want to say I have that life but I know I don’t. I want Jesus at that level and I trust him that he’s doing that good work in me. But for today I trust the systems I depend on a little less and I look through their haze and try to remember.

I don’t see him today but at least I feel him and know him. You got to start somewhere right? I hope you read Hebrews 4 in a new light today. Notice that the author is focused on an object over the system he is (or she is) talking about. That object is Jesus. Remember him. Be blessed.


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