Jesus as a Sacrifice

There were various types of sacrifices in Jesus’ day. But the general principle was to give something to your god in the hope he’d give something back sacred, preferably himself in a posture of favor. “God with us” is the whole point of any sacrifice.

In the case of the only true God, Jesus didn’t substitute he sacrificed. No matter the judgment his resurrection means He, Jesus, is with us. The way he taught it was from the Father, through himself, by the Spirit. So in the most deepest sense He is enough no matter the sin, death, evil, injustice, beauty, just or good.

Everything is sacred that his people make shalom in his name. A worship song, a beautiful painting, picture, persevere a trial. He is with you and your life and all it’s experiences are sacred.

God is with us.

To the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit.

Be blessed.

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