“Mystery” Or Jesus?

I think people are too loose with the word “mystery.” What does the word even mean in relation to the spiritual, artistic, ethical, and deep emotional-relational parts of our lives? People don’t use that word for conversation or learning in my experience so it can’t mean much. For example, I hear people elevate and say “the mystery of God” pretty often in conversations, and not once have I heard that phrase used to add fuel to the flame of a conversation; in fact, every time I’ve heard someone throw out “the mystery of God” line it has been like a blunt object to the conversation, a conversation stopper really.

The reason I bring this up is because I read the Bible and that word (mystery) is used so differently than I hear and see it used in the modern western context.

IMG_3355.PNGThe verse in the picture brings me hope that this word is salvageable though, because, for the Bible, Jesus is not the end of something, or even an unknowable, he is the beginning of something, something very understandable.

Jesus is here, pervasive and mysterious. Let’s talk about him over some coffee sometime, or a beer, whatever your fancy. Holler at your boy.

Faith, hope and love.

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