N.T. Wright and Peter Rodgers on Paul’s Creational Theology for our Wolrd

I recently had the privilege and opportunity to help run an event where Bishop and Professor N.T. Wright headlined. It was an honor to do all the little things I did for the event, meet Professor Wright, and serve my own professor, Peter Rodgers in a little way. The following video is the fruits of my efforts. Many people helped but I was in charge of making the final product below, so any mistakes in the video are completely my own. I particularly would like to thank Carah Monroe, who did the back bone of camera work, and Father John Schiveley who graciously opened up the doors and access to the church he oversees so I could make the following video happen. Hope you’re encouraged. In a future post I will be talking about the efforts of Christian theologians, like Wright and Rodgers, to incorporate Old Testament theology into a New Testament framework for application into a present eschatological/new creation set of categories to apply into our own futures. I think this “paradigm shift,” if you will, exampled when Wright uses words like “Paul’s temple theology,” is truly a new thing for the Christian tradition; well, new as it relates to the theological sphere of our lives and work. But there’s much more to be said and Wright (and Rodgers) say it much better than I so enjoy.

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