On love and being loved in light of life

I can’t stop thinking about the human environment on the grandest scales, it’s overwhelming. We live on a speck of dust floating in an almost infinitely vast blackness. The key words in that sentence are, “we live.” WE LIVE! 

(Some of you are probably thinking, “I thought this post was titled something about love?”) What does this fact have to do with love you may ask? Everything, I say.

To love and to be loved. The two parts of that statement sounds amazing don’t they? Then remember where we are! Don’t be overwhelmed by them, take advantage of the miracle if you can. Let those two things be hard to come by like the magnitude of “we live!”. Let their unity be on the edge between a practical infinity and a speck of dust; and let the strength of that unity be as strong as trust you can trust. Remember, we live! If that is the ultimate realization of grace and the the space for the greatest amount of trust there is, then love can be realized too.


To love and be loved… Make it more than a feeling. Let it live and fight for it to be something it should be.

Faith, hope and love my friends. WE. LIVE!

Be blessed


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