Proverbs 31 Woman? What about her man?

Dude walks up to my friend, Jennifer Anderson, and says, “I’m looking for a Proverbs 31 woman.” She says, “I’m looking for a Proverbs 1-30 man. Good luck with that.”

Ironically, this little dialogue my friend had illustrates a profound truth found in the Bible. The responsibility of character in a relationship is supposed to be lead by the man in the relationship.

Think about the story of Adam. He was made to be a sovereign being only dependent upon the environment he was made for and the God he was made by. Everything else, he was theoretically supposed to handle on his own. The garden, animals, the environment, himself. But even God found out there isn’t a formula to humanity. We can be whole and still not be in a good place: alone.

Adam was made to be uniquely capable of doing everything except being alone. I know feminist probably wouldn’t like that interpretation of the story and I’m not stating dogma just a unique point that I think should be an ideal, not necessarily reality. Men should do the majority of the work, character included, in a relationship for the simple fact they were made with the physical make up to do more. With much power comes much responsibility, right?

Feminist should not see this ideal as sexist but as a compliment to the uniqueness and value of every human being. Is a person 99% body and 1% spirit? No! A person is 100% period, undivided. Similar thing goes with what men and women do in life and their purpose to humanity (to be good and except able images of God in creation). Humanity is 100% male, female, transgendered, whatever. That’s not the point. Each role of a human being is not lesser in value but at the same time is not lesser in uniqueness to purpose. 100% person plus 100% person equals 100% people, the formula for theor value never goes under 100%. Each person and their unique purposes is unique as is humanity as a whole however the diversity is parsed is human bias, not God’s.

Spiritual disciplines tend to be physical actions towards spiritual aims. Men step up your game! Be Proverbs 1-30. You’ll find your 31. And together it will be good.

Proverbs 31 Woman? No! Proverbs 1-30 man and a 31 woman.

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