Reading Romans 9-11 With Freedom in Mind

Here’s some Bible study 101 help. If you have ever read Romans 9-11 as being about God’s control then you’re missing out on Paul’s most important point: Read 11:36 again…

If you think your story is written by God then you may be missing out on His. That is not good news, but Jesus is! Romans 12:1 and on makes so much more sense if you remember this aspect of the Gospel. 

The Christian’s life is not set under the control of God but in the freedom of Christ. 

Now, for those not content with that interpretive lens let me remind you that the whole of the chapters is intended to be kept together. His argument is to find a way to remind people how 9:4-5 is possible; and he gets there by finding grounding for that possibility in Romans 11:36…Chapters and verses 9:1-5 and 11:36 control any interpretation of the whole of chapters 9-11. That should help those who are more technically inclined in their readings.

Be blessed.


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