Saddened: A Theology of Children prt 2

Last time I outlined a basic framework for “a theology of children.” It was a five minute video that I had a lot of fun doing because my 4 year old daughter helped out. I tried to make it fun for you all too, kind of organic and natural in delivery. I purposefully left in all the mistakes and fumbled wording just to keep it as genuine as I could. Then I watched it… All I could do was be sad. And it wasn’t because it was bad, though it was. It was because it was just so, obvious.

It’s so basic it’s silly to talk about it. But our culture is one to ignore the obvious so with a heavy heart it’s become necessary to just say it out loud against the zeitgeist of the day: cherish children! Damit love them! And be good parents too! And if you can’t be a parent, love children anyway.

This shouldn’t have been a subject to get me down but I’m struggling to be positive about it.

Did it ever occur to people that cherishing children and supporting good parents is a methodology to being a good neighbor to our actual neighbors, and countries, and world? Well, yes, but it isn’t said enough. Instead we treat children like an inconvenience and most have turned to not having them. It’s even got to the point that we have pets as though they’re children. But they’re not.

Again the obvious…

I don’t know, maybe our failure to cultivate and cherish children and good parents is for the better? After all, it seems as though most people have given up on even trying to be decent parents and/or people for kids. It’s saddening but I’m beginning to believe there is not really a war with society only a war for ones mind. I want to believe society is worth fighting for but maybe it’s not? In an internet age I sense this great resource (the internet) has become a way for the masses to have so many distractions in their heads that society is the only way for them to stay focused: by drowning in a sea of distractions so the delusions will seem like a dilution. But no one can drown out the voice of the future. It will have it’s revenge which makes it all the more sad to watch.

I hope I’m wrong but I think the only future will be for those who saw good children as a method for a better future and chose to be the type of people to cultivate that, however they could.

But there’s hope. My atheist Facebook friends are praying my church burns down.


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