I am beyond confident in the sufficiency of Christ. What can separate us from his cross? It is the structural foundation of all things and his love permeates the whole of the universe. Most of the time it is small and hard to notice but everything Christ has for his creation is accessible right now. Nothing can separate us from his love. But as I learn about our common salvation I have become just as convinced that we can miss major aspects of it, especially in light of important questions like, “can we lose our salvation?”

But now that I’ve asked that question let’s just get it out there before I start. How can we lose what isn’t ours to give? The more relevant question is not if we “can lose our salvation,” but, is there anything we lose by fighting against truth? Shalom is key here.

Shalom and the Gospel

The message and person of the Gospel leads us by the waters of salvation but what about Shalom?

If the Gospel is the lens by which we color the world right, shalom is the eyes by which we should enjoy living right as the Father has remade us through his Son by the Spirit.

“Shalom, in other words, is the way things are supposed to be.”
Cornelius Plantinga Jr

Shalom Here and Now Against Any other Time or Lie

Don’t get me wrong knowledge and expression of our common salvation is key to getting a grip of what our faith is; but, to know and be known by God within a spirit of the way things are supposed to be, that is the true home of our common salvation. Shalom fits so much better right now, on earth, then waiting for heaven. In fact, we weren’t made for peace on heaven we were made for peace on earth.

When we are orientated and in full reference to Jesus we are in the full comfort of his creative will. Shalom raises the bar to our church life, our family life, our politics, and our common salvation.

When we struggle with sin it is shalom we wrestle against and that is why sin causes so much separation to what satisfies.

So in light of the shalom of God which is when we trust his salvation and peace, may you have shalom. May you find confidence in the sufficiency of Christ in head, heart, and hands, but may you come to know shalom and be an instrument of it too, through the Spirit of Jesus.


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