The Bible and Other Servants of Our Faith

The Bible was designed to be a servant to your faith. If it ever leads you to less faith it is doing a bad job. Let the Bible serve your faith. Put it in its place in Jesus name!

This is one reason why James opens with challenging people to pray for wisdom because there’s a skill of being served as much as skills are required to be servants. People are designed to handle other people who don’t have it all together; this is the shared process that helps us become. The skill of learning to be served as well as you serve is the remembrance that not everyone can handle someone who has it all.

If you ever start to believe that Bible has it all I’m sure there is coming a time when you won’t be able to handle it. Be wise.

The whole life of a disciple is learning to serve and be served in Christ, by the Spirit, toward the Father through things like faith, hope, love and wisdom. The Bible is a great tool and servant in the learning part of that life.

Be blessed.


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