The Significance and Scale of Reconciliation

Let’s use 2nd Corinthians 5:20 to peer into the scope of our reconciliation through Christ, briefly… Read the sentences in that verse then think about the possible scale of reconciliation given who God is. Then think of it this way: the fundamental divide between us, snakes, and rocks is not intelligence or reason it’s actually nothing. That’s right, nothing more or less significant than us and rocks (or snakes) because significance is an illusion if its power is dependent on something; unless, that something is not dependent on anything but is truly independent.

The only fundamental divide in the universe of any true significance is between us and God; divided, that is, in such a way that can only be reconciled on his terms because only he is truly powerful, truly independent. Only God has the capacity to sustain significance. That is why a rock can be fascinating to a geologist and us to God. He’s been creating things on his own terms for a long time in things like rocks, snakes, and even you and me.

Be reconciled to God for no less than the reason it’s as big as he is (and as small).


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