The trinity and our relationship to God

Here’s a fun Trinitarian thought for the day: If Jesus is the “Son” of God and his “Father” truly a father then here’s the major options. 1) God “the Father” is always a father and his “Son” always a son; or 2) “the Father” became something he was not prior, which effects his son too. Either way God wants his PR to be portrayed much differently than most want to have it; God and all that is on his level are so unique only the weirdness found in a family gives language an apt analogy. Pretty cool that God calls us to be sons and daughters too. Our call is upward and onward into the very life of God however you look at it from a Jesus perspective.

Faith, hope, and love my friends. Or should I call you family?

I sense Mormons are probably loving option two. But I’d be wary to draw out more than is implied here. Because whatever Jesus is, it is essentially dependent on a vindication of this status: the resurrection. Christian hope of the future is not to become something we’re not. In the scenario above Jesus is a son always no matter what, whether he had a preexistence or born, or rather, came into being as a son. No, because Jesus was vindicated we seek vindication of adoption of life as who we are in the life we lived in Christ.

Final note… I did not forget about the Holy Sprit. The key to noting the relationship of the Old Testament, and traditional view of God to the revelation he gives us in the Son is that their names in the New Testament reveal knowledge about our Old Testament paradigms, that should give us a fuller view of who and what God is. In the case of the Son or the Spirit, their revelation is about orientating that knowledge in relation to the OT visions of God. The Son language says something about himself in relation to the Father, and the use of the Spirit language, we find in the New Testament, says something about his relationship to the Father of Jesus. This is key. The same line of reasoning I used for Jesus can be used to extrapolate similar deep thoughts about the Spirit in relation to our misconceptions of God. But if you get Jesus right the rest goes right easily.

Some things deep to chew on. Be blessed.


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