The True Marks of a Reformed Christian

Did you know you could be a “reformed” Christian and you don’t have to believe in TULIP and all that kind of crap? What makes reformed Christians so revolutionary can be summed up in two simple thoughts… 1.) The church is about the Gospel. 2.) People are justified through faith alone. Adding anything to that and what makes the reformation’s theology so powerful begins to tare at the very fabric of its soul, and debatably what it means to be christian.

I understand Calvinism and Lutheranism is a way of expressing some logical pathways from those fixed points but you must see those systems are more like adjectives to what is revealed in Christ. Maybe a metaphor would help here?: a description of the color blue, done systematically, may be accurate and truthful but it doesn’t mean that description is necessary to live with the capacity to understand blue and express it. It just happens to be some peoples capacity and need for communicability of their knowledge find the isms of the reformation extremely helpful. But in many ways they are wrong and tribal in their expressions. And to make your religious camp a necessary to the Gospel and justification through faith alone may be idolatry.

Jesus is good.
Trust in him, by Holy Spirit toward the Father. That is enough, forever.

Amen and thank God!

“Good communities are spaces where people love one another enough that they’re not afraid of disagreements.” Hauerwas

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