Trusting Jesus and getting to know him for yourself

“Trusting Jesus and getting to know him for yourself” -unknown

Wow, is there any more honest endeavor into yourself and God then learning and knowing Jesus more and more. It’s doubt and therapy, death and life, pain and love, trust, failure, and grace. It’s the uttermost for the utmost. Once you’ve had him for yourself there’s really nothing left and no where else to go.

In the end it’s faith, hope, and love no doubt. Yet, I think all that is tested so much it’s just a really deep but simple peace that helps you know that you know, even though you really don’t know enough so you have to keep grounded to know more. This process is bigger than me and deposits comfort and help that is always hope. Hope, that someday I’ll know what I have known because I’ll be with whom the know is to be known from.

In other words never stop learning about Jesus. 😉

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