You and I are Not the Same, thank God!

This photo illustrates the craziness of our generation:

Notice the blaring contradiction?
The bones are all the same but their titles are not. If they’re all the same then why the different titles?

Contrary to popular culture your differences matter, much like your thumb print and experiences. And to down play your differences and simultaneously constrain yourself to them is madness!

The capacities and qualities that make you, you, can be put into an abstract idea called “person” or “humanity” but that doesn’t mean you’re the same as humanity. The categories, humanity/person, is just a way of talking about the differences our group has compared to other groups of things like planets… For example, Earth is a planet and Uranus is a planet. But I promise you they’re not the same even though their both planets. Most categories are illusions, human inventions, to make order to our knowledge, not drive us into ignorance.

It’s saddening that our generation is not mature enough to stand with their fellow humans and their differences and be honest about those distinctions. No! the times would rather pretend differences don’t exist meanwhile defining people into those differences with no way out. Lame.

So your black or gay or white or Buddhist. So what. It doesn’t mean that’s all you are. To believe the lie you’re just gay or black or confined to a certain belief system is to make a mockery of the truth. You are more than your good and bad qualities, your likes and dislikes. You’re more than that! You are unique, formed no less than in the image of God. God is infinitely unique and infinitely capable of changing and so are you. It may mean becoming more than you are but if you are free, you can grow where you can’t change. Be creative.

Hope again my friend and stop letting the culture lie to you with blatant contradictions and lies.

Be blessed.

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